Thrill on Enoden

Enoden runs through some residential areas like the movie shows.
Houses stand right next to the railways almost within your arms reach. It's fun to have a thrilling moment.

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Train On The Street

Enoden runs on a narrow street and through between the closely-spaced houses. It's kind of a thrilling moment. 

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Ocean View From Enoden

Enoden runs along the Shonan Beach, the most popular beach area in Japan. The view from the train is awesome. 

FYI:  Enoden http://www.enoden.co.jp/flangu/e1top.htm

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Enoshima, The Most Popular Beach in Japan

Enoshima is a small island which is located to about 60km south from central Tokyo. It's also famous for the most popular beach, Enoshima Beach, in the country.

I visited there in April and had such a relaxed time. But you gotta be ready for terrible crowds of people if you go there in the summer. So packed and no room for swimming. All you can do is soak (maybe dip) yourself.

If you want to avoid such a crazy time at Enoshima, visit there during the off season. You can take a lot of time to look around the area and it shows you totally different faces than a beach town.

My recommendation is take a Enoden (local train) ride. It runs from Kamakura which is an old capital to Fujisawa. You can cover almost every sightseeing spots by using the line.


Enoshima Beach

Enoshima Beach

Railway tracks of Enoden.
In some parts, the train runs on a narrow street and
through between the closely-spaced houses.
It's kind of a thrilling moment.


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Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Photos in 2015

Let me get back to the spring season of 2015.
These cherry blossom photos were taken back in April

in Nakano.

in Nerima

in Nerima

in Nerima

on Nakano St.

on Nakano St.

on Nakano St.

@ Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bldg
FYI: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bldg -

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Recent Scenes of Tokyo

Long time no post. Sorry about my laziness. It just stops me keep updating this page. But for some reason many people still come back to this page that is very appreciated. I hope my bad habit is gone this time from now.

Anyway, I want to show you the recent photos I took in Tokyo in the summer (not exactly recent though).

@ Yoyogi Park
FYI: Yoyogi Park - 

@ Meiji Shrine
FYI: Meiji Shrine -

@ a small summer fiesta of a neighbor shrine in Nakano.
FYI: Nakano - http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3069.html

Godzilla in Shinjuku
FYI: Godzilla in Shinjuku -

Godzilla in Shinjuku

@ Shimbashi
FYI: Shimbashi -

@ Shimbashi 

@ a neighbor park in Nakano.

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